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Professor Dan Lubman, AM 
Monash University 

Chief Investigator  

Professor Lubman is the Executive Clinical Director, Turning Point, and a Professor of Addiction Studies and Services at Monash University. He has worked across mental health and drug treatment settings in the UK and Australia.  

His research is wide-ranging and includes investigating the harms associated with alcohol, drugs and gambling; the impact of alcohol and drug use on brain function; the relationship between substance use, gambling and mental disorder; as well as the development of targeted telephone, online and face-to-face intervention

programs within school, primary care, mental health and drug treatment settings. 

Professor Lubman has published over 500 major reports, peer-reviewed scientific papers and book chapters, and was Chair of the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists' Faculty of Addiction Psychiatry for over a decade. He is regularly contacted for policy advice and community comment and sits on numerous government expert committees. 

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